Return & Refund Policy does not accept refund after the order is completed and the product is sent.

You should be sure what you want when you buy our service. We have presenting our services as clearly and as you can understand.

Even so, we are aware there will able be exceptional problem. So, we accept refund for following reasons:
• If you have not use our service for your any service and should not 3 days passed on activation start days, you can ask to cancel or refund it.
• Issues not Root your device or any different issue on the software.
• The product is not product that you ordered: You should report such issues to us in 7 days. We can take refund the product if the product does not match with the recording.

For Refund Send us your below informations

- Your Full name and Email which you are registred on the Tool
- Product purchase date
- Reason for refund the service

You can send these informations to email adress
Refund process will take 7 working days, so in this time we will want from you for patience

We are not responsible for incompatible with some third-party software or devices, we can not take refund about this.

We are ready to fix your issues. Thank you for purchasing.