Terms of Use
Legal Obligation and Disclaimer

To the attention of Users : Before you use Android Root Tool and
Before Start to Root your Android device Please save all your user data, It will erase your all userdata,
Please read this post completely, You must accept to all terms for use this software,
if you do not agree to all terms. we or our Team are not responsible for any problem that will occur
if you do not know any knowlodge about flashing device e.t.c Its your own risk for using it.

Whats the Android Root Tool ?

ART | Android Root Tool is provide One Click Root solution with
friendly user interface for today's smart phones.
You can check for your device at Supported Brands tab your device supported or not.
For you start to root process your battery life should be more than %30

Whats the Risk of the Root ?

Please save your All userdata, Root process will erase your all userdata Contacts, Gallery e.t.c
Rooting Voids your Warranty, But Unrooting enable your Warranty again.
Your battery life should be more than %30 for start to root, if power gone it can brick your device

Whats the Benefit Root ?

After root your device your are becoming Super User on your Android Device.
With it you can access Important system files, all objects on the os,
Plese be careful from unknown 3rd applcations root access.
After you give access and give premission the any 3rd Unknown
Application may leak user privacy informations with so much risk.
After root your device security will be lacking, will become open position for viruses or attacks
After Root access you are getting full access on your sytstem files Read, Write, Erase any file,
So it can damage your os after editing some important files

How to UnRoot your Android Device ?

For you unroot your device you need has some knowlodge about
Bootloader Lock, Android Versions, Write firmware to device by Flash Mode.
By Flashing your Android Device and Lock the Bootloader you will get Voids Warranty back

Warranty Renunciation

ART | Android Root Tool Team does not take any responsibility for Computer or your OS Crash or
Mobile, Internet, Connection, Personal Datas losses or any other crucial issue
When you are using ART | Android Root Tool Software and getting root access
users should take all the responsibilities for risks of the root or any secuirty issues.
ART | Android Root Tool not give GUARANTEE about your device secuirty or viruses.
ART | Android Root Tool not get Liable about loss personal datas, or any important informations or loss the bussiness informations